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Animals Made Homeless by Hurricane Sandy Arrive at Washington Animal Rescue League

Eight dogs and five cats are up for adoption as of Monday afternoon.

Eight dogs and five cats made homeless by Superstorm Sandy will arrive at the Washington
Animal Rescue League’s facility Monday to be evaluated for potential adoption.

The dogs and cats are being transferred from New York City. Some of the animals were
abandoned during the October hurricane that caused widespread damage in New York,
New Jersey, and Connecticut. Others were given up in the storm’s aftermath; still
others are strays.

The animals are expected to arrive at the Washington Animal Rescue League’s NW Washington
headquarters by 3 PM Monday. Upon arrival, they will be evaluated by the organization’s
medical and behavioral staffs. If the dogs and cats are medically cleared, the Washington
Animal Rescue League’s staff will then determine if they are suitable for adoption.

“Because we have the facilities to care for animals both medically and behaviorally,
we were honored to help when called upon,” Washington Animal Rescue League CEO
Bob Ramin said in a statement. “We look forward to ultimately finding homes for these wonderful
dogs and cats.”

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