Lunch Break: 5 Healthy Pizzas in Washington

Whoever said pizza isn’t healthy was wrong.

Pete's can feed a crowd with their New Haven-style pies. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Now that you’re on week three of your New Year’s health kick, you deserve a little treat. And who doesn’t love a delicious slice of pizza?

Before you scoff at us for suggesting it, remember this: Even the strictest dietitians say pizza can be a great way to incorporate a variety of veggies into your diet.

We rounded up some of the healthiest pizzas you can order at our favorite pizza spots in Washington. Just keep your serving size down to two slices and consider ordering a side salad to keep you from going for that third helping.

Naked Pizza: Superbiotic
This pizza is basically a veggie-rich salad on bread. The probiotic crust is topped with artichokes, greens, peppers, mushrooms—the list goes on. After two slices you’ll feel full and satisfied. 

Pete’s Apizza: Kyra’s Favorite Gluten-Free Pizza
There are plenty of healthy pies at Pete’s, but if you’re on a gluten-free diet this pie is for you. The best part? You can choose your own veggie toppings.

2 Amys: Margherita Extra
Sometimes less is more. The classic pizza at 2 Amys is ranked healthiest for its light sauce, scattered mozzarella di bufala, and the bonus of lycopene-rich cherry tomatoes.

Pizzeria Paradiso: Siciliana
Yes, it has two types of cheese, but the amount of vegetables on this pizza balances it out: zucchini, eggplant, and sweet peppers, to name a few. Getting it on wheat crust makes it even more guilt-free.

BONUS: DC Slices’ Veggie Pizza
This food truck specializes in thin-crust pizza slices. Its veggie version is topped with fresh vegetables, such as black olives, mushrooms, and green peppers. Avoid ordering two slices, however, as one slice is quite large already.