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Inauguration Weather Forecast: Cool and Dry

But between now and then is a winter storm watch.

Let’s hope there’s less snow around the White House inauguration weekend than there was in 2010. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user thisisbossi.

The good news is that the four days of the inauguration weekend are predicted to have
seasonal but dry weather. The bad news is that between now and then the Metro area
faces a winter storm watch—which means snow!

The watch, in effect from early Thursday morning to late Thursday night, calls for
“snow . . . possibly heavy at times . . . accumulations . . . in excess of five inches
possible.” The forecast said roads may become snow covered, “especially during the
evening rush hour.”

When the winter storm is over, though, don’t put away your hats, mittens, and warm
coats. The sun will be out over the weekend, but those outside will be whipped by

Friday is expected to be in the high 30s, Saturday should top out at 50 degrees, Sunday
will be back down in the 40s, and the all-important Monday, inauguration day, should
have a high in the 30s with south winds at 10 miles per hour. What this means for
people attending outdoor events—the swearing-in, the parade—is how critical it will
be to bundle up. The high 30s isn’t as cold as four years ago, but it’s still bone-chilling
cold. Keep in mind that if it does snow there may still be leftover ice and slush
on streets and sidewalks.