Brew Bowl I: The Super Bowl of Beer, Finale

A champion is crowned in our first Super Bowl of Beer contest. Plus: Learn about an event where you can taste all the beers yourself.

A winner is crowned. Photograph by Jason Tesauro.

If you missed them, here is part 1 and part 2 of Brew Bowl I. And now . . . the finals!


Atlanta vs. Houston

Terrapin Beer Company—Rye Pale Ale (12-ounce bottle, ABV 5.5 percent, IBU 35, OG 13.3)


Saint Arnold—Icon Belgian-Style Pale Ale (12-ounce bottle, ABV 6 percent) 

The right styles were paired in the final. Terrapin’s pale ale representing the Atlanta Falcons against Saint Arnold’s pale ale representing the Houston Texans.

Brehony: “I have tasted very few Belgian-style beers made in America that I’ve really liked. It’s tough, but I think Saint Arnold is more interesting.”

Bui: “A unique, ambitious beer. Terrapin just tastes better.”

It was too close call, so it went to overtime. After a retaste and scoring, we determined that Terrapin kicked a late field goal for the win on freshness and balance.

Brew Bowl: Atlanta 27, Houston 24 (OT)

Predicted NFL score: Baltimore 24, San Francisco 17

A word from the winner:

Following the tournament, John Cochran, Terrapin Beer Company’s CEO and cofounder, chimed in: “After a disappointing Falcons loss, it’s exciting to bring the Brew Bowl I Championship back to Georgia. It’s an honor to have won when so many great breweries were in the mix. We look forward to working with chef Robert Wiedmaier to introduce Terrapin beer to Washington, DC.”

“I loved it. Rye is it!” said Wiedmaier of the winning pale ale. “I’m thrilled to debut Terrapin in DC and feature it in my restaurants.”

How you can get in on the game:

Let’s admit it, reading about beer is like reading about music. You’ve gotta get your other senses involved to really get a feel. Thus, if you’d like to taste some Brew Bowl highlights in person, join us for a flight. Chef Wiedmaier and I are hosting a Brew Bowl I Replay at Brasserie Beck on Tuesday, February 5, at 6 PM. Union Craft Brewmaster Jon Zerivita and 3 Stars Brewing Company Brewmaster Dave Coleman will be on-hand as well. Since Saint Arnold is only available in Texas and Louisiana, this may
be your only chance to taste Icon until you road-trip to the MFAH and
the famed neon light tunnel. With the Super Bowl over and the NFL season on hiatus, at least we can still huddle up with serious suds and dream about next year. Who knows, by then maybe the gents behind that Peppercorn Saison will release an RG3 Stars ACL (American Cask-conditioned lager) that’s knee-deep in hoppy

The final bracket.