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Tell Us Your Bad Date Stories

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to hear your tales of love connections gone awry.

Send us your bad date stories! Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Oh, Valentine’s Day. While it can be a fun excuse for a nice dinner with your significant
other or a chance to party with friends, it can also serve as a painful reminder that
your love life isn’t in quite the shape you’d like it to be. We’ve all been there.

So to make you feel a bit better—or at least give you the opportunity to vent—we want
to hear your terrible date stories. Did he get so drunk at dinner he puked out of
the cab window? Did she reveal that her hobby is making dolls out of her cat’s hair?
Share your tales of love gone bad below! Don’t worry—we’re the only ones who will see your name, and we’ll share the stories later this week (anonymously, of course).