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What to Do This Week: February 25 to 28

Karaoke at Mari Vanna, delicious dishes at Nordic Cool, and cocktails at Artini’s preview night.

Taste art-inspired cocktails at Artini’s preview night on Wednesday. Photographs by Kevin Allen.

Monday, February 25

FOOD: Former Finnish Chef of the Year
Petteri Luoto and his colleague, Icelandic chef
Hákon Már Örvarsson, will be showing off how to make dishes from their countries as part of the Kennedy
Center’s Nordic Cool festival—think of it as a live taping of some Food Network show.
Free. 6 PM.

THEATER: Commedia dell’arte masks aren’t just for Elizabethan plays—Faction of Fools uses them for modern-day characters in a series of short plays and improv games at
Atlas Performing Arts Center in an effort to prove these old masks can learn new tricks.
Tickets ($20) are available online. 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, February 26

SOCIAL MEDIA: I know there are a lot of you out there who were really into
Social Media Week DC, because I tried to go to a few things and they were all sold out. Go debrief at
Science Club—you can catch up on skills you missed out on, meet some of those people
you always get into Twitter fights with, or just have a couple of beers. Free. 5:30

Wednesday, February 27

DRINKS: Daikaya, Chinatown’s new ramen spot, is finally open, and snagging a table is already
tough. We can’t help you on that front, but we can help you get a mean martini shaken
(or stirred) by Daikaya’s Eddie Kim. He’ll be making drinks at the Corcoran’s
Artini preview night, which is free when you RSVP online. 6 PM.

KARAOKE: Dupont Circle’s new Russian restaurant, Mari Vanna, is taking things back to the
Cold War with its
KGB Night (it stands for Karaoke in Grandma’s Basement). No word on whether you’ll have to sing
only Soviet battle hymns. Free. 10 PM.

Thursday, February 28

EXPLORING: A modern-day Matthew Henson,
Børge Ousland has been to the North Pole 18 times and the South Pole six times. He’s back in (semi)
warmer weather now and ready to talk about his latest trips at the National Geographic
Museum. Think of it as a vacation slideshow that doesn’t suck. Tickets ($22) are available
online. 7:30 PM.

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