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Washingtonians Most Likely to Find Love at the Gym, the Park, or a Metro Stop

The results are based on findings from Craigslist Missed Connection ads.

DC residents are most likely to find potential love in the Metro. Photograph by Flickr user eliduke.

If you’re looking to find your soulmate in Washington, look no further than your nearest
Metro stop, gym, or park.

Those three spots are where people are most likely to find love in DC, Virginia, and
Maryland, respectively, according to an analysis recently published in
Psychology Today. The results came about by analyzing the most common spots mentioned in Missed Connections
ads on Craigslist in each state.

Washington is known for being one of the fittest cities in the nation, so it comes
as no surprise that men and women are likely to find a mate while exercising at the
gym or outdoors. Californians are also more likely to find love at the gym—specifically
24-Hour Fitness—while those in Arizona seek out significant others at LA Fitness.
Like DC folks on the Metro, New Yorkers are most likely to spot their eye candy on
the subway.

Also noteworthy: Researchers found that people are likely to find love connections
at Walmart in 14 states, including those in our closest neighbors, West Virginia and
North Carolina.

To view the state-by-state results, visit
Psychology Today’s website.