Great Bars 2013: The Irish Inn at Glen Echo

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Irish bars:
beer-soaked dives where college kids slurp straight from the pitcher on
St. Paddy’s Day and a more civilized sort that pays homage to the Emerald
Isle tradition of intergenerational drinking. With its tartan booths,
burgundy walls, and gleaming bar, this landmark falls in the latter
category. It’s civilized enough for lunch with Grandma (food’s pretty
good, too) but still manages to attract a steady stream of
Guinness-gulping raconteurs. Insider tip: Legend has it that a family of
ghosts haunts the property—if you want to hear spooky stories, ask the
staff. Open daily.

Happy Hour: This handsome pub and restaurant serves up live jazz on Sunday
evening and contemporary Irish acts Monday and every other