Lunch Break: The Healthiest and Worst Sandwiches and Salads at Jetties

One meat- and bread-heavy sandwich won’t do your waistline any favors.

Jetties, with four locations in Washington, is a “step above” most delis in terms of nutrition, says dietitian Jennifer Reilly. The Sconset sandwich is a veggie-friendly choice. Photograph courtesy of Jetties' Facebook page.

It’s no wonder Jetties, with locations in Georgetown, downtown DC, Bethesda, and Macomb, is such a beloved institution. Dietitian Jennifer Reilly says it’s a “step above” most delis, thanks to its offering of multigrain bread and almost as many salads as sandwiches.

Still, its menu isn’t perfect. Reilly says most options are very deli-meat heavy, which means they’re high in sodium, too. Fortunately, she scoped out the menu and picked the healthiest item on the menu for us.

WORST: Tom Nevers
With three types of meat (turkey, ham, and bacon), plus mayo and three slices of sourdough, this sandwich doesn’t score many nutritional points. The extra slice of bread “adds more calories of simple fast-acting carbs and zero heart-healthy fiber,” says Reilly.

BETTER: Sconset Sandwich
Seventy-five percent of this sandwich is vegetables, including sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. The multigrain bread has satiating fiber, and the avocado contains good-for-you fats. Consider shedding the Muenster cheese, as it adds unwanted saturated fat to your meal, warns Reilly.

BEST: Washing Pond Salad
This salad is a real winner, thanks to its edamame, grape tomatoes, carrots, and radishes. It’s a combination of cancer-fighting antioxidants and protein, and the tofu will keep you full without feeling overstuffed, says Reilly.

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