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Pentagon Chocolatier Edward Marc Will Have a Special Item at Costco

Finally a way to sample the store’s offerings without the need for security clearance.

Snappers are a new treat from the same family who make Edward Marc chocolates, through their brand known as the Milkshake Factory.

Area Costco shoppers will soon be able to get a taste
of what has made the Edwards
family a sensation among chocoholics at the Pentagon. That is
where they have their
only area chocolate shop, Edward Marc, which because of the
location is off-limits
to most of us.

Christian Edwards, who runs the Pentagon store with his sister,
Dana Manatos, and brother,
Mark Edwards, says they are known for their signature “turtles,” with caramel, pecans, and chocolate.
For Costco they’ve redesigned the recipe, combining the chocolate and caramel with
salty pretzels to create bite-size treats called “snappers.” They are sold by the
24-ounce bag and will become available at 26 Costco stores, including all the stores
in the metro Washington area, starting April 16.

We first met Chris last year, at the premiere of
, which he attended because he is portrayed in the film for his role on the McCain-Palin
campaign. Edwards is both a politician and a chocolatier, and we visited his Pentagon
shop thankful, in a way, that a security clearance is required to enter. Costco, alas,
only requires a membership card.