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Note to Bryce Harper: Why Not Try a Home Remedy?

The Nationals player, who played with the flu yesterday, could probably have used one of these cures.

Bryce Harper, in good health, at bat on Opening Day at Nats Park. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

It’s a remarkable story and adds one more page to the legend that’s gradually building
around 20-year-old
Bryce Harper. The Washington Nationals slugger had a flu-game Wednesday night in the 6-1 win over
the Miami Marlins. Watching him go four for five, it was hard to tell he’d been out
sick the night before, needed an IV of fluids before the first pitch, and hurled—not
a ball—during the second inning. “I didn’t feel very good at all,” he said after the game.
“I wanted to play. I didn’t really care if I was sick or not.”

“I thought he was gonna die every time he went up there, and he got a hit,” said manager

Davey Johnson at his regular post-game news conference.

The Nats are off Thursday night and resume play Friday against the Mets in New York.

Should you need a little more flu medicine, Bryce, just for you here’s our comprehensive
list of 24
Washingtonian-staff-recommended home remedies