The Great Doughnut Derby: Pizzeria Orso vs. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

Falls Church pizza place or Metro Center newbie? You decide.

Popular Pizzeria Orso takes on hot newcomer Astro. Who will move on to the championship round? Photograph courtesy of Pizzeria Orso.

Folks, we have our final four. Wednesday, the beignets at Bayou Bakery triumphed over the deep-fried rings at Heller’s Bakery in Mount Pleasant. On Friday, Bayou goes up against Mac’s Donuts to determine who will move into Monday’s championship round. That’s right: This whole thing will be over after just three more face-offs.

Now, however, it’s time to focus on Pizzeria Orso and Astro Doughnuts. Do the lemony treats at chef Will Artley’s Falls Church pizza place deserve to compete for the title of Best Doughnuts in Washington, or should that honor go to the new ’nuts—in flavors like crème brûlée and pistachio—at Metro Center? We are super excited to see who will take this one, as both fritter makers have proven extremely popular in previous bouts. Choose wisely, and choose before 5 PM—that’s when the poll closes.