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How Bad (or Good) Is Your Office Refrigerator?

From pristine to frightening, we want to know.

What's in your office fridge? Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Have you visited your office refrigerator lately? Do you dare, or do you have no choice?
After all, one has to eat, and that’s where food is supposedly kept fresh. Do you
have to gird yourself—and maybe even hold your nose—for the interaction, or is there
someone among the staff, like Pam Beesly on
The Office, who keeps it pristine? (If so, we hope you say “thank you” and send flowers.)

The office fridge is often also the office joke, the office eyesore, and the eternal
office project. Everyone gets the memos, like this one that hit
Washingtonian inboxes last month:

Due to numerous complaints of very old food, the refrigerator in the kitchen will
be cleaned out tomorrow, Friday, June 21, at 4 PM.

This means EVERYTHING still in the fridge at 4 PM will be thrown out: bags, containers,
bottles, cans, yogurts, leftovers, expired and unexpired items.

This is your only warning.”

Sound familiar? We want to hear about your office refrigerator—horror stories, but
also kudos where deserved. E-mail your photos and stories to,
or share them on Twitter