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Get 5 Years of Free Taylor Gourmet Hoagies (But There’s a Catch)

That’s the incentive Casey Patten is using to sell his Penn Quarter condo.

A view of Casey Patten’s condo, which includes a terrace. Photograph courtesy of Jay Bauer.

Buyer incentives are nothing new in real estate transactions, but they usually take
the form of negotiable closing costs. Here’s one we haven’t come across before: five
years of free hoagies from Taylor Gourmet. That’s the deal offered by
Casey Patten, co-owner of Taylor, to the buyer of his Penn Quarter condo. The one-bedroom apartment,
on Seventh Street, Northwest, is listed at $489,000. In addition to the hoagies, there’s
an attractive kitchen with a breakfast bar (a good place to chow down on a hoagie)
and a private terrace, another good place for sandwich-scarfing.

We reached out to the condo’s listing agent,
Jay Bauer, with a few questions. For example, how many hoagies and how often? One a week, he
says, at any Taylor Gourmet. Whose idea was it? “I pitched it to Casey as a one-year
hoagie deal,” says Bauer, “but he said, ‘How about five years?’” The freebies come
in the form of a gift card worth $2,470, and the buyer can use it any way he or she
chooses—once a week, four a month, all at one time (though if choosing the last option,
Taylor asks to be notified 24 hours in advance).

While Bauer says he’s familiar with buyer incentives, this is a new one—“definitely
on the unique side.” Blushing only slightly, we asked if there’d been any “nibbles.”
Bauer says, “There’ve been shark attacks. I have people calling me already”—even before
the open house, which is this Sunday from 1 to 4 PM. If you are superstitious, consider
this, too: The apartment is on the seventh floor of 777 Seventh Street.

One last obvious question: Will there be hoagies at the open house? Bauer laughed.
“There will be plenty of Taylor Gourmet there for everybody.”