Beyoncé’s Dance Crew Makes a Surprise Visit to YMCA Campers

Summer campers were treated to an impromptu workout at YMCA National Capital.
Beyoncé’s Dance Crew Makes a Surprise Visit to YMCA Campers
Kimberly Gipson and Denee Baptiste, two dancers from Beyonce's the Mrs. Carter Show, stopped by YMCA National Capital Tuesday afternoon for an impromptu dance lesson with about 30 campers. Photograph courtesy of the YMCA.

Before taking the stage at Tuesday’s second Beyoncé concert at the Verizon Center, her backup dancers made an impromptu visit to YMCA National Capital and gave summer campers a lesson in fierce.

Earlier today YMCA received a call from Beyoncé’s team, who said her dancers were in the area and wanted to stop by the branch. Dancers Kimberly Gipson and Denee Baptiste took about 30 kids through an hourlong session of stretching, “diva walks,” and freestyling to Beyoncé’s song “Get Me Bodied.” The class ended with a group dance to Bruno Mars’s “Treasure.”

Beyoncé’s the Mrs. Carter Show is currently in Washington at the Verizon Center.

Watch Beyoncé’s dancers teach the campers how to strut.

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