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The Week in Comments: Taxi Not-So-Magic, Suburban Pride

What readers had to say about recent stories.

Commenters this week had plenty to say about the (not so surprising, according to some) news that cab drivers are protesting the deadline to install credit card machines in their vehicles. But our personal favorite comment has to be from Facebook user JW Cook about Ravens player Jacoby Jones’s recent head injury. 

On the news that the Washington area is home to some of the richest counties in America 

From Facebook: 

Kimberly Holmes: Glad to be in the neighborhood! Wooohooooo! 

Milind Sagar Vashist: This comment will probably go unnoticed but sometimes when my mom isn’t home, I like to go into her garden, cover myself with dirt and pretend i’m a potato. [Ed. note: We have no idea what this means, but we like it.]
From Twitter:

On the story of cab drivers protesting the deadline to install credit card machines: 

From Facebook: 
Michael Drohan: This frustrates me so bad to see. Cab companies have had ammmppplllee time to get out in front of this, but haven’t. They’ve been in this continual fight against moderniization, and need to get it together. Even New Orleans has had CC machines in their cabs for a while now! 
John Toner V: There is a reason Uber has taken off – give customers what they want. The cabbies in DC are as bad as congress at this point when it comes to working with the people they are supposed to serve. 
Justin Blau: I won’t be surprised if once they get them installed, they’ll conveniently be “broken” when you try to pay with CC.

From Twitter:

On Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones reportedly suffering an injury aboard a party bus  

From Facebook:

JW Cook: illegal hit on a defenseless playa 
From Twitter:

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