Afternoon Shots: November 7

What you need to know tonight.

Senate passes long-awaited legislation against workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, but the bill faces a tough vote in the House. [Post]

DC cabbies aren’t the only ones complaining about credit cards. Montgomery County drivers don’t like being paid with plastic either. [Dr. Gridlock]

New York tabloid says DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier might be on Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio‘s shortlist to take over the New York Police Department. [Daily News]

Lanier says no, she’s not. [NBC4]

Rob Lowe as JFK? Well, it’s not the worst portrayal of the 35th president we’ve seen. [Capital Comment]

The gym, Metro, and other germ-infested public places you can’t avoid. [Well + Being]

Surveyors are making sure the Washington Monument is still exactly 555 feet, five-and-one-eighth inches tall before the scaffolding comes down. [WAMU]

Happy hour of the day: If you miss the regular 4 to 7 happy hour at the recently revamped the Heights (3115 14th St., NW), there’s a second happy hour tonight at 10:30. [Best Bites]

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