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Netflix Will Release Season Two of “House of Cards” on February 14

Frank, Claire, Zoe, and company will be back in time for your binge-watching Valentine’s Day needs.

It isn’t exactly the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day, but in 2014, if you wish, you’ll be able to spend the Hallmark Holiday catching up with a sociopathic congressman, his icily Machiavellian wife, a vicious and ruthless reporter, and some guy who sells ribs on South Capitol. Netflix announced today that season two of House of Cards will be released on February 14, ending the long wait for fans more accustomed to instant TV gratification (but at least Jodie Foster directed an episode, so there’s that).

Kevin Spacey will of course be back as Frank Underwood, as will Robin Wright as Claire Underwood and Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes. The last we saw of Zoe (spoilers ahead) she seemed to have cottoned on to Frank’s dastardly dealings, possibly leaving him and Claire on a downward trajectory. Is their fall inevitable? Is Zoe too compromised herself to hold Frank accountable? Will Kevin Spacey ever get his revenge for having been beaten to an Emmy by Jeff Daniels? We’ll find out in February. Until then, you can watch what is essentially a 30-second clip of Claire Underwood smoking a cigarette below. It’ll be a waste of 30 seconds, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.