Afternoon Shots: December 12

A dead horse, and more to talk about tonight.

The streetcar is finally coming to H St., Northeast, tomorrow. But you can’t ride it yet. [Capital Comment]

An anonymous graffiti artist is spray-painting DC’s bike lanes. It’s a delightful story. [Washington City Paper]

A rare horse died at the National Zoo’s conservation facility. [Post]

Mean people who read Travel + Leisure say Washington is the least attractive city. [Travel + Leisure]

DC Brau asked a new Silver Spring brewery to change its name to avoid trademark issues. [Capital Comment]

Mayor of Canada Rob Ford says still-employed Mike Shanahan is right to bench RGIII. [106.7 The Fan]

Five things to look for at Silver Spring’s Urban Butcher. [Best Bites]

FCC will allow phones on planes, but maybe not phone calls. [NPR]

Spiv made a movie. [Arts Desk]

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