Brogamats Are Yoga Mats Designed for Dudes (Photos)

What’s the man version of “whimsical”?

The burrito-print Brogamat bag. Photographs courtesy of Dan Abramson.

Here at Well+Being, we love a good yoga session almost as much as we love a nice burrito. Now, thanks to Dan Abramson, there’s a product that combines the two. Abramson, who’s based in San Francisco, is the creator of Brogamats: extra-long, extra-thick yoga mats designed with men in mind but appropriate for “people of all walks of life, all genders, all Lululemon budgets, and all levels of earthy pretentiousness,” as the website declares. Even more fun than the mats themselves are the bags to put them in, which come in solid colors or printed with man-friendly things like bears, plaid, and, yes, an image of a foil-wrapped burrito (though it’s unfortunately currently sold out).

Brogamats are available online, along with Abramson’s Kickstarter-funded Yoga Joes—a collection of GI Joe look-alike toys molded into traditional yoga poses, aimed at getting a wider audience interested in the practice. Both would make a great gift for your favorite yoga enthusiast with a sense of humor; it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, after all.

Don’t see the perfect design? Abramson happily takes suggestions—“the best ideas come from people around me,” he says via e-mail. Our picks for Washington-centric versions: seersucker (the official unofficial Washington summer uniform), a Metro map (for when you want to be simultaneously relaxed and tense), and an all-over Shackburger print so you can dream about what you’ll be doing after yoga. Check out the current Brogamats bag collection below, and share your design suggestions in the comments.