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4 Adorable Reasons to Visit the National Zoo This Weekend

Their names are Clementine, Trixie, Quillby, and Maude.

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced two new additions to its Small Mammal House this week: female striped skunks Clementine and Trixie. Skunks may not have the same majestic appeal as lions or elephants, but there’s no denying how cute they are. See for yourself below.

Clementine. Photograph by Clyde Nishimura for Smithsonian’s National Zoo.
Trixie. Photograph by Clyde Nishimura for Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

While you’re there, stop by to meet Quillby and Maude, two North American porcupines who went on exhibit at the zoo last month. The male (Quillby) and female (Maude) porcupines are both mature, meaning there could be porcupettes heading our way in the future. You can find the pair in their new home next to the prairie dog exhibit. No word yet on whether or not they like treats as much as this guy.

Quillby. Photograph by Tracey Barnes for Smithsonian’s National Zoo.
Maude. Photograph by Janice Sveda for Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

More to look forward to: The zoo announced this week that its female Andean bear, Bille Jean, is pregnant with two cubs. Don’t worry, we know who her lover is—21-year-old Andean bear Cisco.