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5 Dog-Friendly Workplaces in the DC Area

Workplaces that make pets a priority.

Illustration by Ryan Snook.

Advanced Simulation Technology (Herndon) Dogs have been coming to work at this communications-technology firm—which now has 40 employees—for 25 years. The company’s original owners believed that having companion animals close by was a benefit everyone should enjoy.

Google (Northwest DC) It’s no surprise that Google, known for its innovative workspaces, is a leader when it comes to welcoming dogs, which it believes encourage employees to stay focused and do their best work.

Mark G. Anderson (Northwest DC) Because one employee asked to bring her corgi to work two years ago, the 60-person Washington office of the international consulting firm has been allowing dogs every Friday. But due to an upswing in pet adoptions among employees, the office recently began allowing them every day.

The Squires Group (Annapolis) Dogs are allowed any day of the week at the 150-person consulting firm, where they can lounge in common areas and take walks around the campus—a site chosen in part because it was accommodating to canines.

Tax Analysts (Falls Church) Dogs are welcome everywhere—including into offices, where they’re usually greeted with treats—at this 180-person nonprofit that provides tax information. The company began allowing dogs in 2006.

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