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The New Republic’s DC Office Considers a Move

It has a lot of extra space these days.

The New Republic’s February 2014 cover.

The New Republic may move its DC office from its current location on 9th Street, Northwest. “As The New Republic has discussed with its staff, the company is looking to upgrade its DC office,” New Republic spokesperson Mario Ruiz tells Washingtonian in an email. “However, no decision has been made and they are considering either a move to a new location or making improvements to the existing space.”

The 100-year-old magazine shifted its center of gravity from DC to New York last December when owner Chris Hughes hired Gabriel Snyder to edit the publication, displacing former editor Franklin Foer.

Many empty desks remain in TNR’s DC newsroom after Foer’s dismissal, as about a dozen members of the staff resigned in protest. The publication has added staffers and contributors since then, mostly in its New York office.

CEO Guy Vidra‘s note to staff about the change gave many the impression TNR would leave DC altogether, but as he told me in an interview a few days later, a DC office “has always been critical and it will continue to be critical” to the publication. “Politics, policy: These are the things that are at the heart of the brand,” he said.

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