How to Make a Healthier Frozen Yogurt Snack at These Local Shops

Step away from the hot fudge and mochi.

Photograph by Alexandralaw1977 via Shutterstock.

Frozen yogurt can be a sugar-loaded, caloric treat, disguised as a healthier option to ice cream. But, with some self-restraint at the toppings bar, a cup of froyo doesn’t have to be so bad. Try out some of these satisfying combos for your next health-conscious froyo trip in the DC area.

(Note: a small is equal to 1/2 cup)

1. Pinkberry

Small Pina Colada (110) with pineapple (5) and mango (10) = 125 calories

2. Sweetgreen

Small Tart (80) with blackberries (10) and toasted coconut (25) = 105 calories

3. Menchies

Small lowfat nutty hazelnut (120) with banana (20) and cherries (7) = 147.3 calories


Small Greek honey vanilla (100) with strawberry slices (8) and almonds (11) = 119 calories

5. Tangysweet

Small pomegranate (90) with blueberries (5) and raspberries (5) = 100 calories

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