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You Must Remember…Dick Dyszel

He played Captain 20 and Count Gore De Vol.

Photograph by Brian Tietz

“Count Gore Isn’t Dead”

—Dick Dyszel

Dyszel, 68, was on Channel 20 in the 1970s and ’80s—as “astronaut” Captain 20 and as “vampire” horror-movie host Count Gore De Vol. In recent years, he’s resurrected Gore, appearing at conventions and hosting horror double features—such as one this Halloween—at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring.

“I said, ‘I’d like to do a hosted horror movie.’ The general manager said, ‘You need a name.’ Whether it was because there was a Gore Vidal book on his desk or I drove by the DeVol Funeral Home on my way to work, I shouted: ‘How about Count Gore De Vol?’ ‘Creature Feature’ went on the air in February ’73. But rather than look back, I’m focused on the future. On, we stream short films from new filmmakers, which I’m excited about. Count Gore isn’t dead. Well, he is, but you know what I mean.”

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