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These Two Washingtonians Spent Their Snow Day Lip-Syncing to Adele’s “Hello,” and It’s Pretty Fabulous

Screenshot of Bridget Groves and Everett Warren in their "epic snowstorm video" lip-syncing Adele's "Hello."

It’s been a little over six hours since snow started falling in DC, and already Washingtonians are getting creative with the wintry scenery.

Take the Vimeo video “SnOMG #Blizzard2016 #Snowzilla #DCSnowday,” featuring Bridget Groves, 26, and Everett Warren, 27.

“We were just sitting here having coffee,” said Warren, a fourth-year medical student at UNC-Chapel Hill, “And were just like, ‘Lets do a hilarious Snapchat lip-syncing to Adele.'”

The two friends took their Snapchat video to the next level, and decided to produce a full-length video outside as it started snowing harder. Using another video app on their phones, it took Groves and Warren about 30 minutes to shoot and edit their video.

“We love Adele,”said Groves, a project manager for an international development company in DC, “so what better way to honor her than with an epic snowstorm video?”

Whether or not Groves and Warren will be doing any more #Snowzilla videos, is still in question.

“I think we’ve just found our new hobby—we’ll need to start taking song requests,” Warren said. “Who knows? I think this will become a new trend in Washington during the snowstorm.”

SnOMG #Blizzard2016 #Snowzilla #DCSnowday from Bridget on Vimeo.

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