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Washingtonian’s Great Places to Work Application

2016 Great places to work DC application. Photograph via iStock.
Photograph via iStock.

Love the place you spend every 9 to 5? Think it could be one of the 50 best places to work in Washington? Here’s your chance to shine the spotlight on your colleagues and your office. The Washingtonian‘s Great Places to Work competition is on!

We want to hear about all those terrific bosses, fascinating jobs, and nice perks. Four weeks of vacation a year? Free lunch every Friday? Generous tuition reimbursement? Constant pats on the back from the boss? Great pay? Interesting projects and great teamwork? Those are just a few of the bennies employees around Washington are boasting about.

The Great Places to Work contest is open to any company or nonprofit as long as it has an office in the greater Washington area. In order for a workplace to be considered, one official representative of the company is asked to fill out this Great Places to Work application, which asks questions about the organization’s benefits, personnel, and policies. (Later, a separate and shorter survey is filled out by employees.) There is no application fee.

The original September deadline has been extended to October 18—but please email executive editor Sherri Dalphonse ( before filling out the application, for special instructions.

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