5 Vintage Stores Around DC Where You Can Get Cheap and Creative Halloween Costumes

Meeps staff as Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. Photo Instagram.

Whether you want to be a character from Stranger Things, a flapper, or a manifestation of the ’90s, these shops can hook you up with last-minute Halloween costumes. Not sure what you want to be yet? They can also help you with ideas.

2104 18th St., NW

Meeps in Adams Morgan has the most extensive, diverse collection of vintage clothes and accessories that you can piece together into a unique costume. Outside of Halloween, it specializes in pieces from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, plus some grungier items from the ’90s. For the past few weeks, the Meeps staff has been posting bundled costume ideas on Instagram that customers can buy in full. Cathy Chung, the owner, says the highest demand is for ’80s clothes for Stranger Things characters. The store also has more traditional Halloween accessories like wigs, plastic masks, fake swords, and feather boas.

1510 U St., NW

Junction doesn’t have as big of a collection as Meeps, but it’s the place to go for vintage accessories. The owner just got more than 60 hats ranging from fancy fedoras from the ’30s to brightly colored ’90s baseball caps and black bowler hats. It also has a lot of vintage jewelry: long pearls, silk gloves, chunky costume jewelry, and rhinestones. For men, you’ll find great skinny ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, bow ties, and suspenders. And if you’re looking for something leather—jackets, skirts, tops—you’ll probably find it here.

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Mustard Seed
7349 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda

This Bethesda boutique sells a mix of modern and vintage clothing. In its vintage collection, which is fairly small, you’ll find suede pants, leather trench coats and fringe flapper dresses. The store has only a few items from the ’80s, including a colorfully painted jean jacket, so don’t come here for your Stranger Things costume. Like Junction, Mustard Seed has a good selection of vintage accessories like rhinestone earrings, purses, necklaces, and black lace gloves. But: It just ran out of hats.

Miss Pixies
1626 14th St., NW

Miss Pixies on 14th Street is known for its vintage furniture, but it also has fun props and clothing for an extra creative costume. From Friday to Monday, all of its vintage clothes are 20 percent off. The rack includes ’50s dresses, pants, and hats, along with an old-school union suit (the red long underwear with the flap in the back) and a Navy uniform. It also has a great selection of props: big fake spiders and rats, fishing poles, crab baskets, vintage glasses. The owner, Pixie, said one person bought a bunch of crows to be Tippi Hedren from Birds. Another person got some teacups for a Mad Hatter costume. It also has great vintage suitcases.

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Joint Custody

1530 U St., NW

Joint Custody is an edgier vintage store that also sells records. Most of its clothing screams ’80s or ’90s: bulky jean jackets, ratty band tees, neon windbreakers. It also has a bunch of old motorcycle helmets and suede moccasins. This is the kind of place to go if you’re not trying too hard for your costume and just want to look like an obscure punk. But if you’re lucky, you’ll find a gem like this one:

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