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9 Cool Pet Costumes That Put Human’s Halloween Costumes to Shame

Plus, how you can coordinate your costume with your pet to up your costume game.

Sorry to say it, but pets manage to pull off Halloween costumes in a way humans just can’t. Below, ten examples of pets with the *coolest* costumes (plus, tips on how you can coordinate your costume with your pet to up your cool factor):

Fuzzy Tarantula Dog


Slightly terrifying, BUT you can dress up like Hagrid and be an Aragog-Hagrid duo. Harry, Hermione, and Ron, who?

Ghostbusters Dog Costume 


And you be the ghost. Done and done.

Minion Puppies

? Cuteness overload! ? You can also choose to be any Despicable Me character (we suggest DIYing an Agnes or Gru costume).

Dinosaur Dog


Little Triceratops dog is guaranteed to get all the “Awwwws!” Plus, you can finally wear that T-Rex onesie you’ve been eyeing.

Star Wars Ewok Dog (or BB-8 or a Dewback)


Ever since you saw The Force Awakens, you’ve wanted to be Rey for Halloween. Dressing your dog up like an Ewok or BB-8 is the perfect excuse to do just that.

Unicorn Pup


Light-up collar included. And you’ll obviously be a unicorn, too.

Ken Bone DIY Dog Costume

The real winner of the debate. #debate #literallythatsyou . via @barkpost

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Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, and we’re already over the idea of humans dressing up as Ken Bone. But when it’s a pug dressed up in a red polo, rectangular frames, and a Kodak collar? That’ll never get old.

Pizza Rat Cat


Take the pizza-rat costume to the next level by including your feline friend. Your cat is the pizza, and you get to wear a cozy rat onesie (promise it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds).

Gingerbread Pup


At this point it doesn’t matter what you’ll be wearing, because your dog will be stealing all the attention in this ridiculously cute costume.

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