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Photos: Inside DC’s Anti-Trump Protests

Washingtonians are rejecting their soon-to-be neighbor.

Angry Washingtonians protested the candidacy of Donald Trump for months outside his recently opened hotel. Now, after the overwhelming majority of DC residents voted against him, more protesters—plus a lot of their very angry and frustrated friends—have taken their cause to the White House, his soon-to-be home. They turned out with signs reading “Love Trumps Hate” and “Not My President,” and moved between the two buildings, intending to send a clear message to the president-elect that Washington is not ready to accept a Trump in the Oval Office.

Here’s what it looked like on the scene.

It was a crazy night in DC??

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Outside the White House.

The sign reads, “We have a voice.”


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Like other protests around the country, many people aren’t ready to call Donald Trump their president.

Some called for peace, hoping to come together in a peace vigil.

As they crowd around the White House, one sign reads, “Stand against bigotry.”

Took the long way home tonight #dcinrevolt #peacefulprotest #pleasedontleaveusobama

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Lit candles for the peace vigil.

A group came together with lit up signs that read “We are better than bigotry.”

Positivity might be hard to come by in the wake of the election, but people are trying.

Love, Solidarity, Action

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Many are still optimistic about the future.

#trump #protest #washingtondc #grabembythepussy #isthisreallife

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Outside the Trump hotel, there was a silent protestor.

Candlelight vigil and peace march to Trump Tower #lovetrumpshate

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The two protests happened in unison, with protestors walking the short distance between the hotel and the White House.

Not My President

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Protestors have also called for more extreme measures.

“I love you” sign.

We comin'

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Protestors march on Pennsylvania Avenue.

We will not be silenced. #lovewins #lovetrumpshate

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“Love Trumps Hate” with a rainbow in solidarity for the LGBT+ community.



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