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Randy Quaid Is Approaching DC

He's ready to #Naug. Here’s what we know.

Randy Quaid is ready to NAUG. (Photograph via Randy Quaid's Twitter.)

Randy Quaid is circling the DC area and is stoked for all things #Naug, like eagles, flags, and cold, hard cash. Here’s an analysis of his journey so far, based solely on his Twitter posts. (Attempts to contact Quaid have not yet met with success.)

Here’s Randy in front of a majestic eagle, rolling up his plaid sleeves like the hard-working American actor he once was.

Here’s Randy tapping into his entrepreneurial side; print-and-fold napkins are truly an underserved market.

Here’s Randy taking a selfie in his car at a gas station with a spot of cash he’s saving for this weekend. We’d love to know more about this Make America Great Again sandwich so we can add it to our list of inauguration food and drink specials. Is the sandwich made with white bread stuffed with baloney, Russian dressing, and a small pickle, like this one from Canadian brewery Beau’s? Just a hunch, as we understand Randy’s familiar with that part of North America.

Like a good marathoner, here’s Randy staying fueled for the weekend with the proper balance of protein and carbs. Sea salt chocolate is an excellent choice.

Here’s Randy at a casino in Perrysville, Maryland, where he apparently amazed himself. Hey Randy, the Naug is Friday. Just wanted to point that out so you don’t miss it.

Here’s Randy clutching five dollars. It’s unclear if the money correlates with his blackjack binge.

Stay tuned for updates, including whether he’s found a place to crash (Randy, the offer to stay at the Washingtonian office still stands! Reply to my DM if you’re interested!).

Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.