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Jared Kushner’s Brother Was at the Women’s March on Washington

Joshua Kushner attended the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. Photography by Jessica Sidman.

On Jared Kushner‘s first full day as senior White House advisor to his father-in-law Donald Trump, his younger brother, Joshua Kushner, was attending the Women’s March on Washington.

A woman in the crowd spotted the New York venture capitalist and loudly asked if he was in fact Jared Kushner’s brother. Joshua seemed reluctant to respond at first, then admitted that, yes, he was. He said he was there “observing.”

“Hey, Jared Kushner’s brother is here!” the woman yelled.

The crowd cheered.

Joshua’s appearance at the march may not be a total shocker: Esquire reported in August that he’s a lifelong Democrat and didn’t plan to vote for Trump. Still, he has shied away from on-the-record interviews about himself and his family as his brother, who’s married to Ivanka Trump, has risen to political prominence. Kushner is known for keeping a low public profile, even though he dates supermodel Karlie Kloss. She was spotted in New York on the day of the march.

Jessica Sidman
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