Adorable Photos of Bao Bao That Will Have You Chanting “Four More Years”

An Instagram ode to our favorite panda
Photo via @smithsonianzoo on Instagram.

Bao Bao is leaving next week , in compliance with an agreement between the China Wildlife Conservation Association and the Smithsonian, but in defiance of our hearts. These are our fave shots from too much time spent scrolling through #baobaopanda posts while pre-mourning her imminent departure.

Aww! Back when she was a cuddly cub!

How cute is baby BaoBao #panda at the National Zoo today? #baobaopanda #snow #zoo #pandalove

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Bao Bao’s first snowfall!

Just hanging around!

#Ciao, #BaoBao! The adorable giant #panda is headed to China on Tuesday.

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Eating a snack? Stars–They’re just like us!

Some bear species hibernate – but not giant pandas! They are active year-round. #ByeByeBaoBao #PandaStory @fonznationalzoo

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Too cute!

Bao Bao at the Smithsonian National Zoo #smithsonianzoo #baobaopanda

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Those eyes! She just really gets us.

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