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Layoffs—Again—at National Geographic

Photograph by Flickr user Mr T in DC.

National Geographic Partners laid off more people this week. 21st Century Fox purchased most of NatGeo in 2015 (both entities prefer to call this arrangement an expanded joint venture), and National Geographic has had a couple of noticeable rounds of layoffs since.

National Geographic Partners includes National Geographic’s TV channels as well as its magazine, book division, and various businesses. It cut nearly 200 people in November 2015 and had a round of layoffs this past January. “We are a content and media company that like our competitors, is working every day to keep pace with the rapidly moving changes and currents in the media landscape,” NatGeo spokesperson Laura Nichols tells Washingtonian. “That requires right sizing our workforce to make room for investment in new businesses that support our story telling and grow our audiences. We are continuing to hire in the growth areas of our business here in the US and internationally.”

I haven’t had much luck confirming how many people lost their jobs or which departments got hit. If you know something, please get in touch.

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