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14 Stunning Instas That Prove You Can #YogaEverywhere in DC

Photo courtesy @gordonogden via Instagram.

Yogis love to stretch near—and sometimes on—the city’s monuments, landmarks, and hotspots. Here are the best Insta shots of DC’s #YogaEverywhere community.

Back arch for days.

Hitting the bench splits.

A perfect pose by the water.

A classic elbow stand.

A victorious Vinyasa at the National Capitol Columns.

A good stretch in Crystal City.

The arboretum as a natural yoga studio.

A hive handstand.

A perched crow (pose).

Back to back.

Lunging at the Lincoln.

The perfect positioning.

A arm-stretch on Corcoran.

Reach up like a Corinthian column.

Former editorial fellow Kayla Randall is City Lights editor at Washington City Paper.