9 Adorable DC Dogs That Will Fill Your Instagram Feed With Joy

Photo courtesy @navycorgi via Instagram.

With 72K Instagram followers, Sebastian and Luna are the most famous celeb-pups in DC. But there’s so much more to the DC doggie Insta world! We have recommendations for your next pup-obsession.

1. Panda

Meet Panda, a rescue border collie-corgi mix full of adventure.

2. President Roofsevelt

A regal chocolate pup named after our 26th president. He loves playing outdoors.

3. Izzy

Follow this little lion who rocks everything from blue tutus to guitar-covered ties.

4. Navy

Meet this gorgeous 3-month-old corgi puppy from Arlington with ears for days.

5. Tucker

Follow this goldendoodle around the DMV, lounging at landmarks or in the shower.

6. JoJo

You’ll never catch this Pomeranian without a bomb outfit (and sunglasses à la mode).

7. Gus

Gus is lit, whether it’s December or July.

8. Juniper Carter Cash

A dog named after the legend, this English Coonhound is a natural model.

9. Roe

No list is complete without a Whoodle. Follow Roe for sleepy puppy pics.

Former editorial fellow Kayla Randall is City Lights editor at Washington City Paper.