Warby Parker is Handing Out Free Eclipse-Viewing Glasses at Its DC Stores

All photographs courtesy Warby Parker.

We’ve all been told since childhood it’s not a good idea to stare at the sun, and that holds true today—even when there’s a solar eclipse. To help protect your eyes, Warby Parker is handing out free pairs of eclipse-viewing glasses at all their store locations in the United States throughout the month of August.

The glasses—which look an awful lot like 3-D movie glasses—are produced by American Paper Optics, which is one of five companies that are NASA-certified for making eclipse-viewing glasses. The glasses are designed to adhere to NASA’s guidelines and meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard—something you’ll want to check for on any pair of eclipse glasses you pick up. Before you strap those glasses on, however, you’ll also want to make sure they’re not wrinkled or scratched, which can make them unsafe for viewing an eclipse.

To pick up your free pair of eclipse-viewing glasses around DC, head to one of Warby Parker’s locations in Georgetown, Shaw, Bethesda, and Tysons Corner.

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