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DC Resident Moons President Trump’s Motorcade

It was a "full moon," according to a pool report.

Photograph via iStock.

If President Trump looked out the window on Thursday evening while his motorcade traveled up Connecticut Avenue, he might have seen one Northwest DC resident giving him the fleshiest of salutes.

According to a White House pool report, the President’s motorcade received a variety of reactions when it barreled through Cleveland Park shortly after 7:25 PM, while en route to the Embassy of Kuwait. One group of onlookers cheered, while a man carrying a baby waved toward Trump and his entourage. But as the motorcade approached the intersection of Connecticut and Tilden Street, Northwest, it received a different kind of greeting.

Several occupants of the van carrying the in-town travel pool noticed a man in a lower-floor unit of an apartment building pointing his exposed rear end toward the President’s motorcade. And according to the pool report, the mooning wasn’t the flashing of just a bit of crack. It was a “full moon.”

Despite DC being a hotbed of protest against 45th President, the person who flashed his entire butt in Trump’s direction has yet to identify himself. Still, if anyone wanted hero status on the Cleveland Park neighborhood email group, now would be a time to step forward (preferably with pants on).

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