12 Super-Fit DC Trainers You Should Follow on Instagram ASAP

Here at Washingtonian, we are all about guiding you to your best DC life. And in the field of health and fitness, that means finding the people who are going to inspire you to eat better, work out harder, and live healthier. Since there’s nothing quite as inspirational as working out with someone who is in way, way better shape than you, we give you 12 of DC’s fittest trainers who will fill your feed with #fitspo. Because really, if they don’t make you want to work out, nothing can.

James Barnett

Hoping your Fourth of July was as extra credit as I am. Thanks @rfwalshjr for catching this not so rare moment. • • • • • #ptown2017 #provincetown #extra #july4th #croptop #hightops #circuitqueen #pose #vacation #gaycation #nofucks #justdoit #vogue #wilhelminamodels

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He teaches 20 classes a week and loves avocado toast. Enough said. Book him at: Solidcore, Cut Seven

Victoria Brown

BEAST MODE. Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up. …The only real limitations that exist, are the ones we place on ourselves.

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She’s a SoulCycle instructor and a Wilhelmina model—and she has a crazy-good athleisure wardrobe we’d be happy to steal. Book her at: SoulCycle.

 Meng Wa

From her yoga poses to her colorful lunch bowls, Meng is total #goals. Book her at: CorePower Yoga.

Pamela Trujillo

She almost makes one of DC’s toughest workouts look easy. Book her at: Zengo Cycle, Solidcore.

Kareem Cooper

What's not to smile about?! ? Chest + Hammys ✔️

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Return to your high school glory days with Kareem (pictured right) with his sports-team conditioning classes at Cut Seven, then follow him at @kareem_cooper. Book him at: Cut Seven.

Hannah Bornstein

Come for the barre, stay for the smoothie bowls. Book her at: Flybarre.

Alex & Chris Perrin

They’re the husband-and-wife team behind Cut Seven, so we’re going to pair them up here too. She’s @dcsweats, he’s @chrisperrin7 (and if you want to go nuts, their dog, Burpee, is @burpeedog). Book them at: Cut Seven.

DJ Gerrish

Motivation from your feed and the leader podium. Book him at: SoulCycle.

Christa Aiken

She’s a former Redskins cheerleader-turned-trainer, both of which require being in seriously good shape. Book her at: Blast.

Errick McAdams

IT'S LUNCH TIME ON THE EAST COAST!!!:):):) The gym is where we get them gains, but the table (the breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.) is where we work on letting those gym gains (improvement) shine through!!!:):):) Eating clean is the most important thing:):) If you're in D.C. or on the east coast, may this find you with a healthy lunch and bottle of water:):) UUUUURAH!!!:):):) #proudtrainer #TeamEMPT #brussels #africa #paris #italy #scranton #pennsylvania #berkley #california #colorado #florida #vegas #fitness #worldwide #lululemon #thesweatlife #thesweatcollective #eatclean #newyork Disclaimer: I realize I said "Paris" when I meant "Italy" and I realize I totally left out Colorado? Next time❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gotta post while it's still lunch hour:):):)

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The only thing more inspiring than his muscles are his daily motivational Instagram videos. Book him at: Errick McAdams Personal Trainer.

Deanna Robinson

The super-fit Nike Trainer and bootcamp leader can totally whip you into shape. Book her at: Fab Body Factory.

 Christie Horan

A barre instructor and an NBA dancer, your jaw will drop when you see her killer moves on the court. Book her at: FlyBarre.


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