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Craigslist Poster Capitalizes on Shutdown By Offering Cash for Used Underwear

Worth considering? The ad promises big bucks for your unmentionables

With the shutdown now likely the longest of its kind in US history, furloughed feds are turning to second jobs, side hustles, and Craigslist sales to make an extra buck. Now one Virginia resident is attempting to capitalize on the historic chaos in—and with—bizarre fashion: by buying your used underwear.

In a listing titled “Furlough cash?!?”, this unnamed poster, who has set their location as adjacent to Reagan National Airport, asks women who “could use several dollars” to send their undergarments—in return for a whopping $120 a pop. Send in one pair of unmentionables each day, and that’s a cool $840 a week. (It’s unclear whether bras would also be included in the deal.)

“I’m sure you overspent during the Xmas holiday and could use several dollars so I’ll gladly help out,” the Craigslist’s “for sale” listing offers. “I’m looking for used lingerie and willing to pay top $.” The user prefers certain kinds of lingerie, but—much like a millennial selling a couch—is willing to consider other offers: “Prefer anything lace but open to other items as well. If interested drop a line for further info. Thanks!”

We have indeed dropped a line for more info, but so far we have not heard back. Check out the ad below:

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