DC’s Women-Owned Distillery to the US Women’s Soccer Team: “Skip the White House, Let Us Help You Keep the Party Going”

Republic Restoratives extends an invitation to the World Cup champions for their DC visit.

Republic Restoratives co-founders Pia Carusone (center) and Rachel Gardner (right) with director of sales White Kathner. Photograph via Republic Restoratives

The US Women’s National Team recently accepted an invitation to celebrate their World Cup victory with a visit to Congress, but it’s not just politicos who’re supporting co-captain Megan Rapinoe’s decision to skip Trump’s White House. Women and LGBTQ-owned Republic Restoratives distillery in Ivy City has issued their own social media invitation to the all-star soccer team: “Come to DC, skip the White House, let us help you keep the party going.”

“Our team agrees with your Captain’s assessment of a potential invite to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but we assure you that the District has much more to offer and we would be proud to facilitate a toast in honor of your triumphant achievements,” writes co-founder Pia Carusone (perhaps a pour of the distillery’s Rodham Rye Whiskey is in order).

Another women-owned DC business, The Outrage, created specialty activist sports apparel that would be fitting for the occasion.

And even if Trump’s official invitation to the White House is still pending, there’s another President who’s happy to celebrate.

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