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Report: Red Line Riders Had Their Worst Commute in 18 Months This Morning

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You probably felt it this morning. I felt it this morning—an overwhelming sense of dread as I watched three crammed Red Line trains pull through the Judiciary Square station. After waiting for one delayed train after another, I accepted my fate and squeezed my way into a car. Sure, I’ve gotten used to Metrorail delays in my 18 months of living in DC and commuting by Red Line, but this one felt worse than usual.

In fact, it was. Independent Metro service tracker MetroHero reported that this was the worst morning Red Line rush since January 16, 2018. At 7:42 AM, Metro reported a track problem at Fort Totten that caused single-tracking and delays in both directions. By 8 AM, most trains were delayed by at least 9.53 minutes.

Normal service didn’t resume until after 10 AM, causing delays that were a gobsmacking 332 percent worse than most rush hours this year. Trains came 58 percent less frequently than expected, causing a platform wait time that was 75 percent worse than usual.

But, at least we were not alone in this struggle (56 MetroHero users reported a Red Line problem). As I shuffled onto the jam-packed train, I hoped I wouldn’t accidentally elbow a rider in the face. Most just hoped they would get to work before noon:

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