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The Washington Region’s Number of Covid-19 Cases Is Up by 8 Percent From Monday

A look at how the virus is spreading in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the District.

Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

Washingtonian is keeping you up to date on the coronavirus around DC.

The greater Washington, D.C. region reported a total of 10,267 cases of Covid-19 as of Tuesday morning, an increase of 802 cases, or 8 percent, from the previous day, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

Here is the breakdown of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the DMV for the past 6 days, using data from Hopkins:

As of 4/14/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 10,267

Total new cases for DMV region: 802


DC total cases: 1955

DC new cases: 80


Maryland total cases:5762

Maryland new cases:445

Prince George’s County: 2205

Montgomery County: 1756

Anne Arundel County:724

Howard County: 386

Frederick County:417

Charles County: 274


Northern Virginia total cases:2550

Northern Virginia new cases: 277

Fairfax County:1164

Arlington County:390

Prince William County:434

Loudoun County:324


Falls Church:2

Fairfax City:1


As of 4/13/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 9,465

Total new cases for DMV region: 516


DC total cases: 1875

DC new cases: 97


Maryland total cases:5,317

Maryland new cases:315

Prince George’s County: 2035

Montgomery County: 1631

Anne Arundel County:659

Howard County: 371

Frederick County:368

Charles County: 253


Northern Virginia total cases:2273

Northern Virginia new cases: 104

Fairfax County:1008

Arlington County:366

Prince William County:389

Loudoun County:309


Falls Church:2

Fairfax City:1


As of 4/12/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 8,949

Total new cases for DMV region: 929


DC total cases: 1778

DC new cases: 118


Maryland total cases: 5,002

Maryland new cases:516

Prince George’s County: 1,923

Montgomery County: 1,537

Anne Arundel County:615

Howard County: 351

Frederick County:341

Charles County: 235


Northern Virginia total cases: 2,169

Northern Virginia new cases: 295

Fairfax County:946

Arlington County:349

Prince William County:390

Loudoun County:296

Alexandria: 188

Falls Church:

Fairfax City:


As of 4/11/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 8,020

Total new cases for DMV region: 914


DC total cases: 1660

DC new cases: 137


Maryland total cases:4,486

Maryland new cases:579

Prince George’s County: 1,716

Montgomery County: 1,388

Anne Arundel County:554

Howard County: 319

Frederick County:289

Charles County: 220


Northern Virginia total cases: 1,874

Northern Virginia new cases: 198

Fairfax County:777

Arlington County:312

Prince William County:337

Loudoun County:274

Alexandria: 174

Falls Church:

Fairfax City:


As of 4/10/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 7,106

Total new cases for DMV region: 697


DC total cases: 1,523 

DC new cases: 83


Maryland total cases: 3,907

Maryland new cases: 406

Prince George’s County:1,476 

Montgomery County: 1,214 

Anne Arundel County: 505 

Howard County: 299 

Frederick County: 233 

Charles County: 180 


Northern Virginia total cases: 1,676

Northern Virginia new cases: 208

Fairfax County:690 

Arlington County:280

Prince William County:299 

Loudoun County:258

Alexandria: 149

Falls Church:

Fairfax City:


As of 4/9/20

Total for confirmed cases for DMV region: 6,409

Total new cases for DMV region: 1074


DC total cases: 1,440 

DC new cases: 219


Maryland total cases: 3,501

Maryland new cases: 717

Prince George’s County: 1310

Montgomery County: 1088

Anne Arundel County: 466

Howard County: 274

Frederick County: 199

Charles County: 164


Northern Virginia total cases: 1,468

Northern Virginia new cases: 128

Fairfax County:570

Arlington County:254

Prince William County:263

Loudoun County:238

Alexandria: 143

Falls Church:

Fairfax City:

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