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These Excellent Covid-19 Posters Are Both Beautiful and Beneficial

The Viral Art Project asks artists to submit eye-grabbing designs. Here are some of our favorites.

Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

Washingtonian is keeping you up to date on the coronavirus around DC.

The Viral Art Project is a virtual art gallery that invites graphic designers and artists to submit original poster designs that respond visually to the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is to raise awareness of the challenges facing the world while also promoting messages of hope and security. The results so far have been striking—an ever-growing collection of posters that demonstrate how powerful typography and graphic design can be.

The project was created by Mark Kelner (a DC-based artist), Ben Ostrower (a graphic designer specializing in political campaign branding who founded Wide Eye), and Zachary Levine (a historian and curator who runs Throughline Collaborative). Their goal was to make a call to action and response to the national emergency, as well as establish an online museum of sorts to document this moment. The project also brings awareness to artists and designers across the world whose work and financial situation have been impacted by the pandemic.

Here are some of our favorite posters. You can see lots more (and download and print them) at

Designed by Mark Kelner and Ben Ostrower:

These boxing-themed are meant to hype up America’s frontline health workers and raise awareness for Kelner’s wife is an OB-GYN on the front lines of the crisis, as well as the DC regional coordinator for the organization.


Designed by Ben Ostrower:

These clever posters are part of a series of 12, all using celebrities to encourage social distancing. How do the celebs feel about it? At least one of them approves. “Please, Stand 1 ‘Van Der Beek’ Away from Me” caught the attention of Van Der Beek himself, and the actor re-shared it on Instagram.


Designed by Mark Kelner:

Designed by Ben Ostrower:

Designed by Ida Woldemichael, Wide Eye:

Designed by Jason Irla:

Designed by Deroy Peraza, Hyperakt:

Designed by Thomas Gardner, 505Design:

Designed by Rajiv Fernandez:

Designed by Mike Schnaidt, Fast Company:

Alex Rosales, Wide Eye:

Designed by Greg Traverso:

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