PHOTOS: Meet 35 of the Adorable Pets Adopted in the DC Area During Quarantine

Because cute animals make everything better—even the Covid lockdown.

Scout was adopted by Chris Heishman and John Featherly from Rural Dog Rescue.
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During the past few months, animal shelters throughout Washington have seen adoptions skyrocket, as thousands of humans have sought the comfort of four-legged lockdown companions. We asked recent adopters to share photos of their new dogs, cats, and other pets, and to tell us a little bit about life with them during quarantine. Herewith, 35 rescue animals that found homes during the pandemic.

Tangie, 4.5

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Hilary Chattler and Raymond Marvin, Trinidad

“Both of us were laid off due to Covid and we very quickly realized with no purpose, we were lost. We were missing something and knew a rescue dog would be needing the exact thing we had an abundance of: time. She keeps us on a schedule.”

Caroline, 2

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Bradley and Corinne Kramer, Alexandria

“Having the extra time at home (for both of us) lends well to the training and housebreaking process for Caroline.”

Ace, 3

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopter: Geoff Zgorski, Columbia

“I am so thankful that I have him. He has ensured that I get out of the house and stay active during the quarantine. I couldn’t imagine going through this quarantine without him and still being sane.”

Francis, 1, and Orca, 3

From: Humane Rescue Alliance. (The family also adopted a dog, Bluie, during quarantine from Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare.)

Adopters: Julie Patton Lawson and son Owen Lawson, Takoma DC

“We’ve been building obstacle courses and setting them up during video conferences so colleagues and friends can see them.”

Tallulah Belle, 2

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Kellie Stewart and Carlton Ray, Capitol Hill

“Tallulah is great for our mental and physical health in countless ways.”

Gabby, 3

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopter: Rizqi Rachmat, H Street

“The best thing about having Gabby around is how she has helped to elevate my self-discipline and leadership in my daily life. In return, I get unconditional love and joy. The second best thing is working on new tricks. She is becoming flawless at them!

Nicky, 3, is on the left. (The family’s other dog is on the right.)

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Rob, Renee, Jack, and Sammie Sterchic, Kent Island

“In such a crazy time, it was the perfect opportunity to bond with and acclimate Nicky to our household and our first dog, Snickers.”

Maks, 1

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopters: Jillian Curtis and Frank Norcross, Capitol Hill

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while, and being home all day gave us the push we needed.”

Marmaduke, 1.5

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopter: KCM Campbell-Morrison, Capitol Hill

“I just finished my graduate degree during the pandemic and in the first weeks of it, I completely stalled out in a mental fog. During that time, I reconsidered adopting a dog and started thinking about whether I was finally in a place to have a dog. I am extremely fortunate to have a job after graduation which helped give me space to allow a dog into my life.”

Roo, 2.5

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopter: Sydney Householder, Trinidad

“He’s such a lover with an endless source of happiness. He’s also super goofy, which is a solid reprieve from the world right now.”

Rocket, 6

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Kathy and Carl Kehoe, Annapolis

“We had lost a beloved dog to cancer in January. As we got into March, we started looking for a new furry friend. … [The best thing about having Rocket] is the companionship, and having a dog to walk with and snuggle with on the couch.”

Pearl, 8

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Sudie Brown and Andrew Logan, Shaw

“She provides us so much comfort during these stressful times with all of her snuggles, but also makes us get outside every day for some exercise.”

Miles, 2

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopter: Larry Duren, U Street

“Thankfully, Miles doesn’t know the difference between quarantine life and regular life. He doesn’t care about politics or whether or not I, as a small business owner, will make it through all of this. All he knows is that I feed him and I love him – and that makes him happy.”

Scout, 1

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Chris Heishman and John Featherly, Brightwood Park

“We said goodbye to our dog of ten years back in December. We had made a pact to wait a year to adopt again so we could travel, but the pandemic changed our minds. Spending all of our time at home really accentuated the void of not having a dog in our lives.”

Julep, 1

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Lindsay Hall and Brian Dorwin, Petworth

“Once the stay-at-home orders came through, we thought we could put this difficult time to good use and get to know a new dog and give her plenty of time to get to know us.”

Betsy, 10 months

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopters: Clara Altman, Holly Donovan, and Frances Altman-Donovan, Mount Pleasant

“Betsy doesn’t know about coronavirus. She just knows that she gets a lot of love and attention from us. She lightens the mood and is always ready to throw a stuffed mouse around.”

Cosmo, 2

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopter: Bill Toth, Adams Morgan

“Quarantine is tough living solo in an apartment. Cosmo gives me a good reason to get outside and play some frisbee, and he’s a great cuddle buddy, too.”

Yadi, 4 months

From: Project Second Chance

Adopters: Chris and Elena Hutchison, Alexandria

“We have met at least five other Pandemic Pups within our neighborhood, and it has been really nice to run into them in our local pocket park and catch up on how each of the puppies are growing and settling in.”

Jing Jing, 9

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopter: Hilda Chan, McLean

“My mother and I recently lost two beloved members of our family…The best thing about having a new pet around is all the doggie magic he bestows upon us—his love and companionship are so healing.”

Dobby, 5 months

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopters: Kelly and Paul Katz, Baltimore

“During these times, it has been wonderful having a puppy to take on frequent walks with the family. Given the time and attention it takes to house-train, everyone is involved, and such attention helps to ensure only dog toys and treats get chewed up.”

Goldie, 10

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopters: Tom Drescher and Becky Nolin, Brightwood Park

“The quarantine situation compelled us to focus on finding an older dog that might need a home ASAP. … Goldie loves sitting around and going on walks, which is basically all we do these days!”

Peanut, 3 months

From: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue

Adopters: Susan Demske, and Matt, Miles, and Josie Whitaker, Arlington

The kids finally broke us down. We had been thinking about it for a while.  Quarantine seemed like the perfect time because we have so much time to spend getting to know the new pup. …Peanut loves to snuggle in Josie’s lap while she does her school work.”

Petey, 2

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopters: Michael, Melanie, and Morgan Johnson, Leesburg

“Having a pet around breaks up the monotony of the day. She gets us off of consistent zoom calls and outside in the fresh air!”

Buster, 10

From: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Adopter: Jill Morrison, Adams Morgan

“His favorite perching spot happens to be on a chair that is visible over my left shoulder on conference calls.  He will quietly creep up there, and I will only know he’s there because I see everyone’s face on Zoom just melt at the sight of him.”

Photograph by Jordyn Salow.

Mocha, 9 weeks

From: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue

Adopter: Heidi Salow, Fairfax

She’s like a toddler who needs to be constantly supervised, but she’s a bundle of energy and fun!

Poe and Finn, 8 months

From: Friends of Montgomery County Animals

Adopter: Chris Gunter, Bethesda

“[They provide] hours of entertainment as they chase each other.”

Mike, 5 months

From: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue

Adopters: Kelly, Paula, Kate, and Betty Schlageter-Prettyman, Vienna

“When our 13-year-old twin girls found out they would not be going back to school this year, they were pretty down. We knew that a puppy would provide something for them to love, care for, and smile about. There have been many hours of giggles and snuggles.”

Beso, 3

From: Rural Dog Rescue

Adopter: Nanci Pedulla, Fairfax

“His unconditional love and joyful way of being helps us forget, however briefly, about the cloud of Covid-19.”

Rico, 11

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopter: Abigail Terrones, Hill East

“Having a living being around (other than a houseplant) gives me the opportunity to interact with a pet who needed a forever home. He is providing great joy to my life.”

Cookie, 6

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopter: Jenny Smith, Shaw

“Cookie started out as a foster dog. She came home with me on Friday, March 27th and by April 1st, I adopted her. Like many folks who are fortunate and able to work from home during the COVID quarantine, I felt like it was the right time to share my time and space with a dog who needed a home. Lucky for me, Cookie was a great fit.”

Photograph by Marcia Phillipson.

Brother and Sister, 4 months

From: Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

Adopters: Leigh Hutchison and Jon Poole, Arlington and Old Town Alexandria

“We briefly discussed fostering ONE dog, but after seeing our pups’ adorable mugs, we quickly folded like card tables and decided to take on two puppies. …It is extremely rewarding and comforting to know that we’ll never miss a beat by being able to work remotely and enjoy them to the fullest during this pandemic.”

Wallace, 1

From: Humane Rescue Alliance

Adopters: Erin Reilly and Morgan Tickle, Capitol Hill

“Other than the added companionship of another roommate, he helps to keep us on a regular schedule. No snooze buttons when it’s breakfast.”