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Washingtonian’s Great Big DC Quiz

How well do you know your city? Part four of our summertime challenge

Whether you were born and raised in DC or moved to town as an adult, you likely agree with this statement: Washington is a tough place to really know. People can’t even seem to agree about what the name even means. Does “Washington” connote senators and presidents and the national government? Or does it evoke neighborhoods and schools and local sports teams?

We set out to make a quiz that avoids this sort of debate and instead gets at a more basic question: What are the things you tend to know if you’re a local—and not know if you’re a visitor? The questions span everything from political scandals and federal architecture to hometown TV jingles and ways of driving across town. And we’ll be rolling it out, piece by piece, over the entire month of July. (The whole quiz also appears in our July print issue.)

Keep score for yourself, and at month’s end, send us the screenshots of how you did—we’ll raise a bottle of mumbo sauce on honor of the Washington savants among us.

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