A Beauty Blogger’s Selfie Secret

Our expert: Sara Azani, editor of the blog Style MBA, which covers beauty, decor, and fashion.

The electronic gadget she can’t live without:

A UBeesize eight-inch selfie ring light on a tripod stand, $59.99 at Amazon.


“I would say 99 percent of influencers who work in the beauty space use a ring light. It really helps when you’re taking pictures for the web. It helps you lighten an area of your home that may not get enough natural light. It creates an attractive light on an object. You have more control, as opposed to turning on an overhead light. This makes photos look like they have a professional touch.”

What really sold her:

“This ring light has a holder for your phone and a remote control. It’s very convenient when I’m taking pictures. It also has different lighting levels: a natural-light option, a golden-light option, and from high to low so you can control the level of light.”

Should you get one, too?

“It’s a great tool to have around, now that we’re doing more Zoom and FaceTime calls. It’s a way to look more put-together. I do nighttime happy-hour Zoom calls with my girlfriends, and it’s a fun way to make it look like you have a glow about you, as opposed to overhead light that is not as flattering.”

Editor in chief

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