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Area People Speak at DNC, Night 1

Screenshot via C-SPAN.

The Washington, DC, area finally got a little attention during a national event Monday. Last night’s DNC showcased many local voices. Here are some of the locals we spotted on night 1 of the convention:

Danica Roem: You may know her as a rising-star lawmaker, but the Manassas politician is also well-known on the local metal scene. “When was the last time you heard of a high-level elected official who was a raging Dark Tranquility fan?” Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe said about Roem upon her election to the Virginia General Assembly in 2017.

Khizr Khan: A star from the 2016 convention, the Charlottesville-based Khan often stumps for Virginia Democratic candidates.

Joe Biden: A fixture on Capitol Hill for decades, Biden lived in Northwest DC for eight years and also rented a place in McLean from local entrepreneur/Washington City Paper owner Mark Ein. Biden also owns a place in Rehoboth, a popular vacation spot for Washingtonians.

Muriel Bowser: DC’s mayor appeared in front of the “Black Lives Matter” mural she had painted earlier this summer. By extraordinary coincidence, a mural she didn’t arrange that called for defunding the DC police vanished before she taped her appearance.

Bernie Sanders: Owns a rowhouse on Capitol Hill.

Amy Klobuchar: Lived in frat house at GW; daughter attended high school in Arlington; mentioned Washingtonian in her autobiography.

Kamala Harris: Has a place in the West End; lots of other local touchpoints.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Worked at HUD here in the ’90s; lives on Capitol Hill when Congress is in session; has been seen at Matchbox.

Cory Booker: Born in DC; has basement apartment in H Street corridor.

Seth Moulton: Went to OCS at Quantico; lives in Logan Circle when Congress is in session; wife graduated from Georgetown.

Michelle Obama: Used to live downtown, now resides in Kalorama. Kids attended high school in the District.

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