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ESPN Is About to Run Interviews With Four Women Who Say They Were Harassed by Dan Snyder and Other Executives

The interviews will run Thursday. There's also has a one-hour show about Washington Football Team's culture planned for Sunday.

Commanders owner Dan Snyder. Photograph by Flickr user Keith Allison.

Four women who described a toxic culture at Washington Football Team in a bombshell Washington Post article have given interviews to ESPN “about sexual harassment by team owner Daniel Snyder and other team executives they claim occurred during their time of employment.”

The interviews, conducted with Outside the Lines host Jeremy Schaap, will run Thursday on multiple ESPN platforms, according to a press release.

“I know people will say it’s ‘he said, she said,'” former cheerleader Tiffany Scourby says in a video trailer for the interviews. “She said it because it happened.”

The Culture: Washington Football Trailer from ESPN Press Room on Vimeo.

A one-hour special at 5 PM on Sunday will examine Washington Football Team’s culture as well. Among other reports, it will feature Michael Wilbon talking about Snyder’s two-decade-plus ownership of the team, under which the team has endured a long list of self-inflicted embarrassments in addition to a 142-193-1 record.

The show is called Franchise in Crisis: The Washington Football Team, a title that may downplay the straits in which Snyder and the team find themselves: The NFL just took over Washington Football Team’s investigation of its own culture, the team’s minority owners are reportedly trying to force Snyder to sell the team, and Snyder is suing a media website in India while claiming that a former employee may have been part of a conspiracy to defame him.

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