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“Wake-Up Call” Protests Are Becoming a Thing. Mitch McConnell Got a Rousing One This Morning.

A go-go band sang "Mitch gotta go."

In recent weeks, “wake up call” protests have been trending in the District. Protesters show up to the residences of the powerful—they’ve included Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, Senator Lindsey Graham, and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser—with pots, pans, and musical instruments early in the morning to make their voices heard.

The latest recipient? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Around 7:30 this morning, about 100 protesters and a truck with a go-go band showed up at his Capitol Hill home to protest his stance on replacing late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the end of the year. The crowd banged pots and pans, percussion instruments, and other noisemakers in front of the residence.

Roughly 20 police officers were stationed in front of  McConnell’s house, and while they allowed the protesters to assemble on the street in front of the home, they taped off the sidewalk and barred the go-go truck from entering the block.

Here’s what McConnell’s block looked like this morning.


Jane Recker
Assistant Editor

Jane is a Chicago transplant who now calls Cleveland Park her home. Before joining Washingtonian, she wrote for Smithsonian Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied journalism and opera.